HappyGrateful #2


No man is an island and everyday we are all given a chance to thank someone because they make/made a difference in our lives. So go ahead, thank the people who make/made a difference in your lives.

Make it a habit to reach out to them and let them know how #grateful you are.

Let’s all be a #HappyGratefulCommunity

B is for Blame

As I journey to free  myself from my anxiety and depression, one thing I need to do is to STOP BLAMING MYSELF. 

Blame is something I need to get out of my system as it adds too much stress on myself.


Here are some things I blame myself for :

  1. I am a stay home mom for almost 2 years if our bank account suddenly drops I blame myself because I cannot help financially.
  2. When my family don’t finished the food, I blame myself because I am thinking the food was not delicious for them.
  3. If my friends back home don’t write to me or connect with me, I blame myself maybe because I don’t contact them often.
  4. If the house is dirty, I blame myself I could have clean the house better.
  5. If our utility bills went up a bit, I blame myself.
  6. If the kids don’t have neatly pressed clothes, I blame myself.
  7. If I don’t get an interview for a job I am applying for, I blame myself.

My list can go on and on and honestly blaming myself is too dragging, I need to stop it.


I try not to blame myself anymore I try to be positive in every situation. My family assured me that never did they blame me and they appreciate everything I do for them.

I think the opposite, if my friends don’t contact me or say hi it’s ok, they maybe busy and because of time difference they can’t talk to me as much I want to  but it doesn’t mean that they have forgotten me.

If my family don’t finish the food, it’s ok at least there will be leftover for me and my husband to bring to work the following day.

If I don’t get an interview for a job, it’s ok because I know there will be a better opportunity for me.

Stop Blaming Yourself, I know it’s hard but try to do it you will see that if you stop things will be lighter.




A is for Awareness and Acceptance


Agree or Disagree?

I came to be aware of my anxiety and depression late last year, I don’t want it so I consulted a doctor about it. The doctor said that my anxiety and depression might have caused by the current situation that I am in.

I never thought  that being a full-time stay home mom, moving to another country, not having that much friends, cold weather, gloomy days can trigger anxiety and depression, guess I am wrong as I do my reading these are just some of the things that can trigger anxiety and depression.

Now, it’s acceptance time, I have accepted that I have anxiety and depression and I am trying baby steps to recover from it. My doctor have prescribed some medication for me but part of me don’t want to take it. I am trying to be positive to mentally heal myself, when I am down I just say to myself ” There is nothing to worry about, just enjoy what you are doing at the present and don’t worry too much” then it calms me down.  I try to visualize my love ones because they are my source of strength and happiness. When it gets worst I find somebody to talk to and it again helps me.  Would you believe that I have talked to strangers and I was surprised that they will take the time to just listen to me until I calm down.

If you are in the same situation like me, just be aware of it and start accepting the fact that you have that it. Once you have accepted it share with it with people you trust and be positive at all times. It’s hard I know but the sooner you accept it the better because the next step is finding a way to fight the battle.

Coming Back…

It’s been awhile since I last wrote and this is because for the past months I don’t feel like communicating at all. I was depressed and having panic attacks at all times. Anxiety and Depression played a major role in my life especially the 1st quarter of the year.


I try to avoid medication as much as possible because I believe that it’s all in the mind. I was not born like this, I am a happy person, a person full of energy and my friends will tell that I am quite a motivator. So how come this happened to me?

Lifestyle change that’s what I need to do, I got myself a job so that I can be with people most of the time. I tried to be positive at all times, I practiced breathing exercises, meditation in the morning and do some exercises to take all the anxiousness and sadness out of my head. It’s not easy, I am still in the road to being back to my happy self.

If you are just like me on the road to recovery…share with me what you do to be happy…

Let Go of What is Bringing You Down


Since January I have been trying to declutter, trying to organize things at home. It’s a never ending process, throw something and then in a few days I would acquire something. Well I just hope this time what I acquire is something that really brings joy to my life ( sounds familiar? It’s the KonMari Method)

So aside from organizing things, I have decided to organize people around me. For me it means letting go of people that hinders my happiness and letting go of people who I really don’t talk to anymore; it’s either they haven’t reached out to me or they totally forgot I exist.  I have decided to really invest time, energy, money, emotions to a few,  I don’t need a lot of people I need few TRUE friends. 

It’s a different story if it involves family members, it’s so hard to just ignore them because one way or the other I am connected to them by blood. And once upon a time, I know that we were close and shared happy memories. So I really don’t know how to go about this one… still thinking ?! 

Life is beautiful, it’s amazing and it should be lived with happiness and it starts with ME. I will surround myself with beautiful things, people who loves me and believes in me and I will start being #grateful everyday. I will give LOVE to those who deserves it and I will say Goodbyes to others. 

Simply life! Be Happy! Carpe Diem!

What kind of friends do you have?


Do you have lot of friends? Are you sure that the people you consider friends are really your friends? It’s now the time to do an inventory of your friends.

We are affected by the people that surrounds us, sometimes it is actually a reflection of ourselves. I remember a saying that goes like this: ” Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are ” Do you agree or disagree?

What kind of friends do you have? Do you have loving, kind, selfless, amazing, awesome. If you want to have these kinds of friends then you yourself should be loving, kind, selfless, amazing, awesome too.

People come in and out of our lives, some stay for a while, some just pass by and others stay longer and a few are the ones who will be there for you thru thick and thin, and they are the “Truest” of them all .

Do you have that person who will be there for you during the times that you are down, so depressed? That person no matter what will be there to pick you up and help you rise up again?

I will be doing an inventory of my life, I will invest more to those who I consider to be my friends, I will be amazing, kind, loving, selfless to them and then to some who takes the energy out of me I will let them go. It’s hard to let go and I don’t know I might end up not having many people around me but I would rather have a few truest then a bunch of people who will bring me down.

HappyGrateful #1


What is Grateful?

Grateful is an adjective,  it means: feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

Being grateful can help boost our morale, it can bring positivity to our life and it leads to a happier life.

There are many things to be grateful, it can be as simple as,  being able to take a nap for 15 mins or not being late for an appointment, time to be alone, or 5 more mins of sleep and so on.

So let’s start the #happygratefulcommunity, start inviting good vibrations to your life!

Be happy grateful every day!


About Life


If life is perfect then it’s not fun anymore, the imperfections of life makes it more exciting; it gives us memories; it helps us be a better version of ourselves. 

The beauty of  our life depends on ourselves, how we create it and how we deal with the imperfections of it.  Everyday, we can decide to make it a memorable day or we can decided to just do nothing. All of us, rich or poor, young and old have a chance to make our life meaningful so make the most of it. Is it amazing we are the author or our life?