What’s a Pocket Farmacy?

A pocket farmacy is a first-aid kit, it’s not your usual first-aide kit which contains gauze, tapes, some meds or whatever you put in your first aid kid but it contains 5 remedy oils and it’s from SAJE

Yes, it’s oil blends and it’s a natural way of medicating oneself. I use it everyday, use it for myself and for my love ones and it’s effective, really effective!


My own Pocket Farmacy

Let me just let you know what are the blends that comes with it…

Peppermint Halo  > Headache Remedy > My Favourite

Immune > Germ and Virus Fighting Remedy >I apply this on my kids before they go to school

Eater’s Digest > Digestion Easing Remedy > This is the reason why I bought this Pocket Farmacy, I often have tummy aches before but since using it it lessen. I also apply this whenever someone has indigestion.

Stress Release > Tension Reducing Remedy > for back aches, neck pains, muscle pains, joint pains. I use this when I get home from work.

Pain Release > Analgesic Remedy > my best buddy especially in this cold season.

I comes in a carry case with a mini booklet that lets you know where to particularly apply the oil so you can feel it’s effectivity.

I am starting to become a fan of essential oils now, right now I only buy from SAJE. I do have my collection of Saje remedy oils and diffuser blends which I will share in the next couple of weeks. Friends of mine are introducing me to Young Living and Doterra, I have yet to research on those things.

Do you carry a pocket farmacy? Which one is your favourite?


A Must See: Black Panther

It’s Family Day yesterday, February 19 and we decided to watch Black Panther.  Hubby was telling me that this movie got good reviews so off we went to Cineplex. The movie house was jam pack, we were already seated 4th aisle from the big screen. Oh my gosh… my neck will complain after this.

So here goes my thoughts for this movie… I LOVE IT! Never a dull moment in the entire movie. Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther was amazing, he portrayed it very well. My favourite character is Letitia Wright who played Shuri ( Black Panther’s sister), I like the fact that it’s a woman that is very techie and was the person responsible for the improved version of Black Panther’s costume. Girl Power!


Photo taken from Google

Another character I really like is Danai Gurira who played Okaye, who is the General of the Black Panther’s army ( Dora Milaje ),  another Girl Power! Surprisingly Danai also played Michonne on The Walking Dead.

All the cast were great! And the cinematography…WOW!

If you haven’t watch it yet…I suggest you go and watch it with the whole family.

Disclaimer:  This is my own personal opinion, I am not a professional movie critic

Filter: Loving my New Brita®

via Daily Prompt: Filter

Water is very very important!  It is the essence of life and provides nourishment and nutrients the body needs for almost every single function. Up to 60% of human adult is water, imagine that! That’s why it’s very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Thus I am loving my  Red Brita® Water Filtration Pitcher. Love the color, love the design!  Downside, the indicator is not battery operated, I think Brita should incorporate this feature in these kind of pitcher.

 Brita® filters absorb chlorine, reducing unpleasant odour and taste from your tap water. Thus it makes drinking water enjoyable and it actually tastes good. So if you are not into buying water dispenser and those 5 litres water gallons, just opt to use Brita® Filtration System.

With my red Brita® pitcher let me all great you Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

For more information about Brita : Brita.ca or visit their Facebook Page: Brita Canada

Note: Using Brita® is my own personal choice, they are not paying me to write this one


Remitly – One way to remit your money to the Philippines

My nephews are celebrating their birthday’s in a few weeks and when I was talking to one of them I asked them what he wants for his birthday, he want’s a chocolate cake with Mickey Mouse on it. So me, I was thinking of ways to make it happen so I thought of sending money and ask their mom and dad to order the cake.

Usually, I go to a remittance center and do the transaction there but good thing I found REMITLY, it’s an online platform that’s let’s me send money via ONLINE, it saves me time and money ( time because I don’t need to go out esp. during the cold weather and money because I don’t need to pay for bus fare ).

I do everything at the comfort of my home, it’s so easy to use it and the transaction fee is one of the lowest I know. The downside I think would be the countries they currently support, but honestly for me I don’t mind since I just remit money to the Philippines.

What you need to be able to send money are the following:

  1. Your Bank Details: You can use your Bank Account, Debit Card or Credit Card ( additional fee applies since I think this is considered Cash Advance )
  2. If you are using your Bank Account, be sure to have your Transit Number, Branch Number and Account Number on hand.
  3. Your recipients bank information, address and phone number

How long, well for Bank to Bank it takes quite awhile it takes 3-4 business days, but this has the cheapest transaction fee.

If you are in a hurry, you can opt for Cash PickUP or use your Debit Card or Credit Card but the transaction fee is much higher.

So if you want to try just click >  Remitly


Note: Using Remitly is my own personal choice and they are not paying me to advertise this one.




Clinique: 3 Step Skin Care

Step 1 : CLEANSE 


Clinique Step 3 Skin Care for Combination Skin. Cheeks are Normal but Oily on the T-Zone.



Why I like, I love this product?

Ever since moving to a country with 4 seasons ( my skin was used to tropical weather ) my skin has been one of my concern. I know I don’t have acne, I use to have normal skin. I don’t have pimples and breakouts, I seldom have white heads and blackheads. So when I moved to a country with 4 seasons, problem begins. I began to experience all the things I didn’t experience before. Honestly, have a face with breakouts, pimples is not fun, it lowers  self-esteem. I happened to chance upon Clinique Step 3 Skin Care and I thought why not buy one, so I looked for the skin care that is suited for my skin type and low and behold, this actually works.

After 3 days of using it, I can see the difference…AMAZING! My T-Zone area is not that oily anymore and my cheek area is not drying up. Breakouts in my forehead area is minimal now. I love the Facial Soap; it’s fragrance free; the Clarifying Lotion really cleanse my face and it’s doesn’t feel hot on my skin, the Moisturizing Gel..perfect for me, it’s cool when I apply it on my face.  I use it twice (2) a day and I love it.



Leyton from Doc Martens

My hubby got me a new pair of shoes, and I was so surprised that he got me a Doc Martens ankle boots. This boot is lightweight and so comfy… this will definitely be my fall boot.

So I read some reviews and I must say that people who purchased this boot LOVES it, saying that this is so comfy just like wearing sneakers. My hubby got me the Oxblood which I think is beautiful and will definitely add color to my wardrobe.

The sole is is stitched and cemented to the base of the upper and to the insole making it strong. One thing I like about Doc Martens is that the sole is air – cushioned offering good abrasions and it’s slip resistance, so it mean it’s would be comfy for long walks.


Leyton in Oxblood

Doc Martens boot are available in most shoe stores, and if you want  proofs how great this boots you  may visit : Amazon Review on Leyton

Also, visit Doc Martens Website: Visit the Doc Martens Website

Bye for now..while I enjoy my new kicks!



FujiFilm Instax Mini 25


Fujifilm Instax Mini 25


In this digital age, where we all take pictures with our phones, digital cameras and then just store it in our computer and then we tend to about it, it’s nice to bring back the old school, and that is using films. That is why I am now loving my FujiFilm Instax Mini 25,  I bring it everywhere and capture good pictures with it and my  kids love taking pictures with it too.


Fujifilm Instax Film Mini

It uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film which is in pack of 10, normally one pack cost around CAD$ 12.00 for the plain one and around CAD$ 15.00 for those with designs. I wish that the price of the film will go down ( wishful thinking ) since I love to use this camera on a daily basis.

For those people who are into journals, this is one tool you might want to consider!

For more information you can visit the links below:

FujiFilm Canada

Instax in Amazon