Reading Now…Spark Joy

by Marie Kondo


Does it Spark Joy?

If yes, keep it!

If not, it’t time to let go! 

Do I love this book?  Yes! It’s really a feel good book making me really want to look at all my stuff, feel them and ask myself ” Does this make me happy” .  Another things I like about this book are the illustrations, it gives me a visual on how to do things. 

At this point of my life (  I am not that old ) all I want is to be surrounded with things that brings happiness, positive people and good memories. 


James Patterson

The more you READ the more things you KNOW. The more you LEARN the more places you GO – Dr. Seuss

Thankful for the wonderful public library here in Toronto, my passion for reading came back. I can sit all day in the library just browsing thru numerous collection of books and choosing what to borrow.

I am a James Patterson fan now. It’s a shame that I only started reading his books late last year, but as they say it’s never too late so I made a resolution this year that I would read most of his books. So far I am successful and here are some of the books that I have read. I love the way he writes his book, true that once you started reading you cannot put down the book since you want to finish it. My favourites will be Alex Cross series and NYPD Red series.

Now, I have a list of his books, including children books and I still have a long way to go to read all his books. I look forward to reading each and everyone of it.

Do check out his website: James Patterson for more information about his books, soon to be release books and more.

Do you like James Patterson too? If yes, what’s your favourite book?