Don’t you think it’s Time for a Change?




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 It’s been a while since I last wrote a post and that is because I have been in hiatus for quite awhile. During that time, I went for a vacation ( for a month ); spent time with my family and friends; did a lot of soul searching and got into new things. Given all of these, I decided that it’s time for a change. Change is good! It’s refreshing and it uplifts one’s spirit.

For a start, after returning from my vacation I got a new job. A job that I didn’t expect but it’s what I always think of doing. A job that lets me interact with other people face to face on a daily basis and I am loving every moment it.

Another change is I am trying to be a Minimalist. I am now an avid reader of Joshua Becker’s Becoming Minimalist. A follower of The Minimalist – Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, you may follow them in Instagram: @TheMinimalist.

I have also decided to change things that I will write in my blog. I have decided that it will be more friendly and approachable, not too serious more fun and creative.

Time to Change! Change is good, so are there any changes in your life right now?