Flower Power: Phalaenopsis

My mother’s day present…


Phalaenopsis / Phal / Moth Orchid

Now, how to take care of this lovely orchid?



HappyGrateful #2


No man is an island and everyday we are all given a chance to thank someone because they make/made a difference in our lives. So go ahead, thank the people who make/made a difference in your lives.

Make it a habit to reach out to them and let them know how #grateful you are.

Let’s all be a #HappyGratefulCommunity

B is for Blame

As I journey to free  myself from my anxiety and depression, one thing I need to do is to STOP BLAMING MYSELF. 

Blame is something I need to get out of my system as it adds too much stress on myself.


Here are some things I blame myself for :

  1. I am a stay home mom for almost 2 years if our bank account suddenly drops I blame myself because I cannot help financially.
  2. When my family don’t finished the food, I blame myself because I am thinking the food was not delicious for them.
  3. If my friends back home don’t write to me or connect with me, I blame myself maybe because I don’t contact them often.
  4. If the house is dirty, I blame myself I could have clean the house better.
  5. If our utility bills went up a bit, I blame myself.
  6. If the kids don’t have neatly pressed clothes, I blame myself.
  7. If I don’t get an interview for a job I am applying for, I blame myself.

My list can go on and on and honestly blaming myself is too dragging, I need to stop it.


I try not to blame myself anymore I try to be positive in every situation. My family assured me that never did they blame me and they appreciate everything I do for them.

I think the opposite, if my friends don’t contact me or say hi it’s ok, they maybe busy and because of time difference they can’t talk to me as much I want to  but it doesn’t mean that they have forgotten me.

If my family don’t finish the food, it’s ok at least there will be leftover for me and my husband to bring to work the following day.

If I don’t get an interview for a job, it’s ok because I know there will be a better opportunity for me.

Stop Blaming Yourself, I know it’s hard but try to do it you will see that if you stop things will be lighter.