Coming Back…

It’s been awhile since I last wrote and this is because for the past months I don’t feel like communicating at all. I was depressed and having panic attacks at all times. Anxiety and Depression played a major role in my life especially the 1st quarter of the year.


I try to avoid medication as much as possible because I believe that it’s all in the mind. I was not born like this, I am a happy person, a person full of energy and my friends will tell that I am quite a motivator. So how come this happened to me?

Lifestyle change that’s what I need to do, I got myself a job so that I can be with people most of the time. I tried to be positive at all times, I practiced breathing exercises, meditation in the morning and do some exercises to take all the anxiousness and sadness out of my head. It’s not easy, I am still in the road to being back to my happy self.

If you are just like me on the road to recovery…share with me what you do to be happy…


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