Filter: Loving my New Brita®

via Daily Prompt: Filter

Water is very very important!  It is the essence of life and provides nourishment and nutrients the body needs for almost every single function. Up to 60% of human adult is water, imagine that! That’s why it’s very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Thus I am loving my  Red Brita® Water Filtration Pitcher. Love the color, love the design!  Downside, the indicator is not battery operated, I think Brita should incorporate this feature in these kind of pitcher.

 Brita® filters absorb chlorine, reducing unpleasant odour and taste from your tap water. Thus it makes drinking water enjoyable and it actually tastes good. So if you are not into buying water dispenser and those 5 litres water gallons, just opt to use Brita® Filtration System.

With my red Brita® pitcher let me all great you Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

For more information about Brita : or visit their Facebook Page: Brita Canada

Note: Using Brita® is my own personal choice, they are not paying me to write this one



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