Clinique: 3 Step Skin Care

Step 1 : CLEANSE 


Clinique Step 3 Skin Care for Combination Skin. Cheeks are Normal but Oily on the T-Zone.



Why I like, I love this product?

Ever since moving to a country with 4 seasons ( my skin was used to tropical weather ) my skin has been one of my concern. I know I don’t have acne, I use to have normal skin. I don’t have pimples and breakouts, I seldom have white heads and blackheads. So when I moved to a country with 4 seasons, problem begins. I began to experience all the things I didn’t experience before. Honestly, have a face with breakouts, pimples is not fun, it lowers  self-esteem. I happened to chance upon Clinique Step 3 Skin Care and I thought why not buy one, so I looked for the skin care that is suited for my skin type and low and behold, this actually works.

After 3 days of using it, I can see the difference…AMAZING! My T-Zone area is not that oily anymore and my cheek area is not drying up. Breakouts in my forehead area is minimal now. I love the Facial Soap; it’s fragrance free; the Clarifying Lotion really cleanse my face and it’s doesn’t feel hot on my skin, the Moisturizing Gel..perfect for me, it’s cool when I apply it on my face.  I use it twice (2) a day and I love it.



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