How to tie a scarf


We Filipinos were not taught how to tie a scarf properly since we don’t have spring, fall, winter there. I must admit I am not sure how to do it, what I do is just drape it around my neck and that’s it. Moving to Canada, scarves became an important part of my wardrobe, it’s a great heating element during the cold months. 

Here are links to some videos, which I find useful..

How to Tie a Scarf

25 ways to tie a scarf


Happy Thanksgiving

To all who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, Nov 24, 2016



Take this opportunity to be grateful, to be thankful , to be happy especially for all the things that you have. Say thank you for having family and friends, for the  food, for the clothes, for being able to experience today. No matter how much you may have or how little you have, say thanks for what you do have as little or as much it might be.

Life Begins At the End of Your Comfort Zone


For the past 2 years there were so many new things that happened to me

  • Moving to a new country
  • Being a Stay Home Mom
  • New to Blogging
  • New currency
  • New weather
  • New Friends
  • I can continue with all the New in my life.

So many Changes, and there were moments that I just want to stop and shout..I don’t want it anymore, I want to go back to the way things were.

Change is good and hard at the same time but in order for us to mature and enjoy life we must embrace it and move out of our comfort zone.

I chanced upon Johanna Rosberg blog when I was reading my daily dose of TheSeeds4Life and I like the way she uplifts her readers. The entry about New Chapters, captured what I am feeling, I commented and she replied with words of encouragement, below is a part of her reply …

I always try to stay in the present, avoiding to dwell or linger on what things are like “back home”. See all the good things you experience in your new place and keep focus on them no matter how small they are some days, and embrace the differences you see and live, because those differences are what makes the world so incredible!🙂   

So thanks Johanna for the inspiring words, I will try and not to dwell on the past and look forward to what lies ahead.

Change is good! New life begins when we move out of our comfort zone! Carpe Diem!



I remember Trolls during my teenage years 10+ years ago, my Mom used to collect them we have big Trolls and small ones with different hair colours. I was happy to see them make a comeback and now even better in the big screen. Together with my friend and her daughter, Sofia and I watched it and we all  LOVE IT! The movie was so colourful and there was never a dull moment. The choice of songs were A OK, so thumbs up!

Anywho, time for my motivation quote and to honor my colourful haired friends here it is…

“Happiness is already inside of us, but sometimes we just need others to bring it out”                  

Agree or Disagree?

Try Less, Shine More


There is a saying ” Try and Try until you Succeed”, is this still appropriate now? As I give it a thought,  I think ” Try Less, Shine More ” is more appropriate in this age. We all live in a world where we are always on the go, too busy with so many things, gadgets everywhere and we all have means and ways to complete a task. If we keep on trying and trying but we are failing then it means that we are not doing the most in our first try. Thus it’s very important that when we try something we give it our very best so as not to waste time and effort.

When I was still working, I always reminded my team to Always do your best the first try, because we will never have that chance again. So might as well give your best the first time. 

Don’t Quit


Everyday when we open our eyes, it signals a start of another day, another chance, another fresh start , new beginnings, new chance.. SOMETHING NEW. 

We all fail, we don’t always get what we want, sometimes we planned for something and for some unforeseen reason what we plan can go to waste. So it’ up to us  how we face it, we can sulk, we can cry, we can be depress, we can make excuse, we can be negative, we can hate etc. etc. 

 God Always gives us a chance to start all over again. Every time we wake up and face a new day we have something NEW to begin with.  

Don’t quit! As long as we are alive, we always have chance to make the most of life. 



Clinique: 3 Step Skin Care

Step 1 : CLEANSE 


Clinique Step 3 Skin Care for Combination Skin. Cheeks are Normal but Oily on the T-Zone.



Why I like, I love this product?

Ever since moving to a country with 4 seasons ( my skin was used to tropical weather ) my skin has been one of my concern. I know I don’t have acne, I use to have normal skin. I don’t have pimples and breakouts, I seldom have white heads and blackheads. So when I moved to a country with 4 seasons, problem begins. I began to experience all the things I didn’t experience before. Honestly, have a face with breakouts, pimples is not fun, it lowers  self-esteem. I happened to chance upon Clinique Step 3 Skin Care and I thought why not buy one, so I looked for the skin care that is suited for my skin type and low and behold, this actually works.

After 3 days of using it, I can see the difference…AMAZING! My T-Zone area is not that oily anymore and my cheek area is not drying up. Breakouts in my forehead area is minimal now. I love the Facial Soap; it’s fragrance free; the Clarifying Lotion really cleanse my face and it’s doesn’t feel hot on my skin, the Moisturizing Gel..perfect for me, it’s cool when I apply it on my face.  I use it twice (2) a day and I love it.