Leyton from Doc Martens

My hubby got me a new pair of shoes, and I was so surprised that he got me a Doc Martens ankle boots. This boot is lightweight and so comfy… this will definitely be my fall boot.

So I read some reviews and I must say that people who purchased this boot LOVES it, saying that this is so comfy just like wearing sneakers. My hubby got me the Oxblood which I think is beautiful and will definitely add color to my wardrobe.

The sole is is stitched and cemented to the base of the upper and to the insole making it strong. One thing I like about Doc Martens is that the sole is air – cushioned offering good abrasions and it’s slip resistance, so it mean it’s would be comfy for long walks.


Leyton in Oxblood

Doc Martens boot are available in most shoe stores, and if you want  proofs how great this boots you  may visit : Amazon Review on Leyton

Also, visit Doc Martens Website: Visit the Doc Martens Website

Bye for now..while I enjoy my new kicks!




FujiFilm Instax Mini 25


Fujifilm Instax Mini 25


In this digital age, where we all take pictures with our phones, digital cameras and then just store it in our computer and then we tend to about it, it’s nice to bring back the old school, and that is using films. That is why I am now loving my FujiFilm Instax Mini 25,  I bring it everywhere and capture good pictures with it and my  kids love taking pictures with it too.


Fujifilm Instax Film Mini

It uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film which is in pack of 10, normally one pack cost around CAD$ 12.00 for the plain one and around CAD$ 15.00 for those with designs. I wish that the price of the film will go down ( wishful thinking ) since I love to use this camera on a daily basis.

For those people who are into journals, this is one tool you might want to consider!

For more information you can visit the links below:

FujiFilm Canada

Instax in Amazon


On Rejection

We all go thru rejection, it’s a part of life it can either  break us or makes us wiser. It depends on our attitude how we handle rejection.

I have my fair share of rejection, in love; in my career; friends and sometimes in family matters but I learned that being rejected is just God’s way of saying… It’s not for me .


I admire Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and one of the most influential person in the world today.  Imagine he was rejected 10 times in Harvard, he applied in KFC, out of the 24 that applied only 23 was hired and he was the one denied of the job opportunity. It’s all about our attitude, when we are let down, just keep going and success will come.


Cirque du Soleil – Luzia

We are so excited that before the summer break is over we get the chance to see Cirque du Soleil – Luzia. This is our very first time to see Cirque du Soleil and I know a lot of people are raving about their performances.

Luzia –  Inspired by the cultural richness of Mexico, where a waking dream transports you to an imaginary Mexico. Experience a wondrous world that inspires you to explore your senses, enveloped in light and nurtured by rain – taken from Cirque Du Soleil website 


The Famous Big Tent


Of course! A mandatory family picture before we enter the big tent


The Lounge.. you can buy food and drinks and souvenir items while waiting for the doors to open.

Here are some pictures that I have taken, it’s a wonderful show… clap! clap! clap!


Verdict: WOW! WOW! and another WOW! Will definitely watch again ( that is coming from my hubby’s mouth ). Costumes are so colourful and music is great ( the original music was composed by a Canadian composer Simon Carpentier ) , everything is AMAZING!