Book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Finally, I finished this book last weekend, but  t’s only now that I had the time to post it on my blog. I love it! I like it! It brings back  that longing feeling wherein  after reading the first book  ( The Chamber of Secrets ) you hope that the next book is already available and you don’t need to wait.  Sadly, this will be the last Harry Potter series as announced by J.K. Rowling.

Yes, it’s in script format but what the heck…that’s where one’s imagination goes to work. I love the character of Scorpius Malfroy, he changed the way I think about the Malfroy’s. I love the adventures both Albus and Scorpius went thru using the Time Turner and Moaning Myrtle is back to help. 

Please…Please bring the production here in Canada! 





Reading Now…Spark Joy

by Marie Kondo


Does it Spark Joy?

If yes, keep it!

If not, it’t time to let go! 

Do I love this book?  Yes! It’s really a feel good book making me really want to look at all my stuff, feel them and ask myself ” Does this make me happy” .  Another things I like about this book are the illustrations, it gives me a visual on how to do things. 

At this point of my life (  I am not that old ) all I want is to be surrounded with things that brings happiness, positive people and good memories. 

Prayer for Stress and Anxiety

All of us at one point in our lives go to thru stress and anxiety and there are times we are afraid to talk about it with somebody else. There are times we feel that what we are feeling is not important to others and no body can help us. Or there are times we fear that people who might hear us will reject us or think less of us.  There are so many reasons that sometimes when we feel stress and anxious we just keep it to ourselves.

I am guilty of keeping my feelings to myself I am still in the process of learning to open up to others. I found this prayer when I was browsing thru Facebook and upon reading it made difference to me.


Coburg Beach, Ontario


I was born and raised in the Philippines and every summer we made sure that we spend a day or two at the beach. Thus when my family moved here in Canada we made sure that summer won’t be complete without a day at the beach.

Just an hour drive from Toronto, we visited Coburg Beach during their Sandcastle Festival. This is their 11th Annual Sandcastle Festival and as expected their were a lot of visitors during that day.

The beach itself is very well maintained, staffs go  around a lot to pick up litter, lifeguards
(supplied by Northumberland YMCA) and security are visible. There are washrooms and change room, 2 playgrounds available incase your kids don’t like the beach,splash pad, foot bath area and fenced basketball court.

Before heading down to the beach we stopped by KFC and brought our lunch, we packed our mats and umbrella and settled ourselves  enjoying the sun and water. The kids had a great time in the waters building their own sandcastle and admiring the seagulls around.

It was another great road trip for us.


Coburg Tourism:
How to go there: Map