Never Give Up!


All of us in one point will have  that chapter in our lives when we want to give up.  For me, I felt it when we move in to a new country. Coming out from my comfort zone is not an easy thing.  At first it seems so easy, as long as we are together as a family, everything will be alright but as days, months passes by there are days that I sit and think hey I miss my old life back. My old life wherein I have work, I have my  friends , my support groups, my weekly dates with my husband, my monthly get together with my BFFs , my family and other stuffs.

Then I realized that all these emotional baggage is just hindering myself to accept the present and it made me pity myself. It gave me anxiety and made me feel and look old. It So I said STOP IT!

A friend of my shared this article in FB : 20 Reminders You Need When You Feel Like Giving Up and reading thru it made me realize that there are so many WINS that needs to be celebrated and there is NO reason for me to feel sad and to give up.

Here are the 20 reminders:

1. Always look at how far you’ve come instead of how far you still need to go. As long as you keep moving you will eventually get to where you want to be.

2. Do not pay too much attention to what people say or think about you. Only trust a few close friends who know you well.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others and feel inadequate. Their journey is not the same as yours and their success doesn’t mean you’re a failure — it means your path is different. – It’s hard not to compare, especially moving to a new country it seems that we need to start all over again.

4. Remember that you’ve gotten through hard times before and it only made you stronger. Every challenge is making you stronger.

5. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Don’t confuse your sadness with weakness, crying means you’re healing and it means you’re getting rid of all the anger inside of you so you can have a clearer and better vision. – One of my favourite. Now I just cry when I feel like to after that I feel much better. 

6. Making mistakes is a part of life and it doesn’t mean you’re failing — it means you’re trying. Mistakes only take you to another direction.

7. You shouldn’t measure your self-worth and value based on those who couldn’t love you or those who only took your love for granted.

8. Remember that there is always someone who is willing to help you. Friends, family, mentors, life coaches, therapists or even your next door neighbor. Sometimes all you have to do is ask for help and you will be surprised by how many people want to be there for you. – It’s not embarrassing to ask for help, people don’t really know what you are going thru until you let them know. You will actually know who your real friends are during this kind of situations. 

9. Accept that change is the only constant in life and your life will change in so many ways whether you’re prepared for it or not. Nothing will ever be safe and predictable in life, you just have to continue building resiliency and keeping the faith.

10. Sometimes not getting what you want is a blessing in disguise and sometimes it’s a sign that you need to look for something better.

11. Remember that pain and suffering sometimes bring the best in us; they bring out our talents, our kindness and our compassion. Pain changes people for the better.

12. This feeling is temporary. In time, you will get over it and feel better. You will not be stuck in this rut forever. – TRUE!

13. Remember that you are not alone. There are books, articles, videos and movies about what you’re going through. All you have to do is find them. – Get Busy!

14. Transformation is not smooth. It is often preceded by chaos, misery and self-doubt. Your breakdown will eventually turn into a breakthrough.

15. You’re going through this because you will inspire someone someday; maybe you will inspire hundreds or thousands of people. You’re meant to share your challenges with someone who will need your help and your guidance in the future. – Be an inspiration to others, sooner or later you will meet a person who will grow thru with what you have been going thru and that time you will be able to help base on your experience.

16. Don’t chase perfection because of what you see around you. Chase progress and what you truly want even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone.

17. Take a break and remember all the things in your life that you’re grateful for and try to be thankful for as many of them as possible. Sometimes we take important things for granted. Don’t let your pain cloud your gratitude.

18. Sometimes giving back when you don’t have anything else is the ultimate therapy. Helping others will heal you.

19. Fear might stop you from trying a lot things but you should always try anyway and fear will step back.

20. No matter how hard it gets, giving up on yourself will make it harder, you have to always pick yourself up because you can, because you’re capable of overcoming hardships and because this is how you make a comeback

So if you are feeling down and blue, read thru this and know that soon you will be alright.

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