Being happy is a choice and it starts within ourselves. If we are not happy we will not be able to bring happiness from outside source.  Yes, we have problems left and right but we need to see the other side, there will always be a reason for us to he happy.

I myself is undergoing some issues, it’s not monetary, it’s not family it’s more of a psychological thing. There are times that I don’t want to be alone, I feel anxious, having panic attacks. Honestly, I don’t know where it stems but I think it’s because I am still in the adjustment phase of moving to a new country. I didn’t realized that it will be this hard since during the first year I am ok. I guess I miss my friends back home ( I don’t get to talk to them as often as I want to ), I miss my family ( though I talk to them via Viber , Skype, FaceTime but feeling their presence physically is different ), I miss working ( before moving I have been working for 13 years ), I miss being surrounded with people ( I am an extrovert person and I love to motivate others, but know I am not able to do this one since I don’t work and I have few friends in a new country ).

I know this is a just a phase, thus I told myself, I need to change the way I think. I need to be happy and not dwell on the things I miss. If I don’t do this one NOW, it will hurt myself and my family. It all start with myself and I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to overcome it very soon.

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