Moving ON

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward – Soren Kierkegaard

Why is it at times we are afraid to move on? We want to start on something and then all of a sudden we think of so many reasons not to go for it. What are we afraid of?


Our past makes us the person we are now but if we keep on dwelling on the past we will not be able to see  our future self. Moving on might entail losing precious things, people that became part of our past, memories and more  but we will never grow if we will  just stay put.

I myself is afraid of moving on, to accept that some things are really not meant to be and that gives me great stress.Now, I tell myself that I have to move on, accept things at the present and make the most out of life. It’s not easy because I was used to those things but I need to enjoy life and not dwell on the past anymore.





Being happy is a choice and it starts within ourselves. If we are not happy we will not be able to bring happiness from outside source.  Yes, we have problems left and right but we need to see the other side, there will always be a reason for us to he happy.

I myself is undergoing some issues, it’s not monetary, it’s not family it’s more of a psychological thing. There are times that I don’t want to be alone, I feel anxious, having panic attacks. Honestly, I don’t know where it stems but I think it’s because I am still in the adjustment phase of moving to a new country. I didn’t realized that it will be this hard since during the first year I am ok. I guess I miss my friends back home ( I don’t get to talk to them as often as I want to ), I miss my family ( though I talk to them via Viber , Skype, FaceTime but feeling their presence physically is different ), I miss working ( before moving I have been working for 13 years ), I miss being surrounded with people ( I am an extrovert person and I love to motivate others, but know I am not able to do this one since I don’t work and I have few friends in a new country ).

I know this is a just a phase, thus I told myself, I need to change the way I think. I need to be happy and not dwell on the things I miss. If I don’t do this one NOW, it will hurt myself and my family. It all start with myself and I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to overcome it very soon.

Problems or Possibilities

Ever wonder why when we have a problem another problem comes around? I personally think its because we focus on the problem thus problems starts to pile up.

Why not focus on the possibilities and you will see that there are more than one way in solving the problem.





Edwards Gardens, Toronto

One thing we like about Canada are the numerous parks that are available. Everywhere you go there will be an available playground, a small park or a garden which is best enjoyed during spring, summer and fall.

In today’s generation where we are so dependent on our iPads, iPhones, computers and other tech gadgets we sometimes become lazy to go out and explore mother nature. Our family decided that during Spring , Summer and Fall as much as possible we will explore as many parks as we can.

Edwards Gardens, this former estate garden features perennials and roses on the uplands and wildflowers, rhododendrons and an extensive rockery in the valley.

It’s really a nice garden, we went there last April the flowers hasn’t bloom yet but i bet it will be so beautiful once the flower are already in full bloom.

DSC_0047 (1)


Groundhog is enjoying the banana being fed to him/her.


The kids enjoyed looking at the racoon!



Located at 755 Lawrence Ave. E, Toronto, ON M3C 1P2 (southwest corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Ave. E in Toronto) .

Admission is free and there are a lot of parking spaces available.

If you’re thinking to go there, be sure to wear your comfy shoes  as there will be lots of walking to do.

And not to forget, Edwards Gardens is a Garden Park. The following activities are not allowed in Edwards Gardens: Dogs or pets, bicycle riding, rollerblading, skateboarding, picnicking, sports activities, feeding wildlife, BBQ’s or fires, picking flowers.

More information about Edwards Gardens can  be found here: Edwards Garden.