If I am having coffee…4/25/2016

with my Brother ( Brian )….

Picture this: Me and my brother having a cup of coffee in a coffee shop ( probably at Starbucks ). Mine would be Grande Caramel Macchiato and his will be Venti Mocha Frapp).


Me: Hey! It’s been a while since we last sat down for a cup of coffee…can you remember when?

Brian: Nah, can’t remember already. How’s life in Canada?

Me: Living in a different country away from your love ones is really a challenge. There are time’s its hard but there are a lot of fun times too. Wish you and your family will be able to come and visit us.

Brian: Let’s see. Kids are still young for sure they will get bored from the very long flight and not to mention airfare is expensive.

Me: Well for the time being since the kids can’t travel, you can go first. It will be fun if you can go I promise that I will make the most out of your vacation. We can go to different places and I will show you beautiful things.

Brian: Maybe one day.

Me: I miss talking to you and just going to you house when I am not doing anything. I don’t have anyone to talk to there, all are too busy with their day to day stuffs. How are you?

Brian: Well same same, Max ( my nephew ) will be attending school this coming school year and he is all excited about it. We are already buying his school stuffs and all, paid his tuition fee  for the first semester.

Me: That is one thing good in Canada, education is free till secondary school.

Brian: Yeah, that’s nice wish we have the same here.

Me: How’s Brynden ( my other nephew )?

Brian: His ok, growing up too fast. Learning so many things and he is a fast-learner. He also has a jolly personality, so curious at all times maybe because he see things his brother is doing so he also wants to do it.

Me: Just enjoy every moment of it, kids grow up to fast and one day they will make their own decisions and and we will just be surprise.

Brian: Just be sure to take care of yourself there ok. No one is there to assist you so eat healthy always and stay of the safe side. You won’t be able to take care of other if you yourself is not in good shape.

Me: Yeah ..you too ok. Lessen your intake of pop. Mom said that you doing pop too much. You know what if Sofia see you drinking pop, she will say ” That is 20 sugar, so stop drinking it”.

Brian: ok, yes Boss!

Me: Ok, let’s have another coffee date next week ok.

Brian: ok





2 thoughts on “If I am having coffee…4/25/2016

  1. Ro says:

    I really felt the love in this post. I’m sure your family here misses you very much. Good thing there are many ways to keep in touch. 😊


    • Life's Thoughts by Lindsay says:

      I agree Ro with the technology now there are so many ways to keep in touch. I am just making the most of it.


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