If I am having coffee… 4/7/2016

With my Dad… (People who knew me well know’s that I am a daddy’s girl)bigstock-Two-Cups-Of-Coffee-44682475

We will probably talk about current events, like we always do when we see each other. I will bugged him to tell me who he will vote this coming election in the Philippines and of course I will tell him my choice. He then would listen to my rant about the other candidates. We would schedule to go together to vote 🙂

If I am having coffee with my Dad, I would definitely remind him to take good of himself, to eat right and to be happy at all times. I want him to visit me in my new home to see the beautiful things that I am seeing and to experience my new life.

I would tell him about his granddaughters, their likes and dislikes now and how they are growing up right now. It’s not the same when I was growing up. I would tell him that I need to adjust to this generation’s way of thinking or else I will not be able to catch up. I would tell him about my marriage, what are plans are and those times me and Sam fought. He will then say…” Just don’t say stupid things and just understand your husband”, sometimes I feel/think my dad loves Sam more that me . 🙂

I would let him know that now I appreciate all those times that he scolded me and not give in to what I always wanted. For providing for me and my brother and for being the best dad that he could be. I will tell him that our life is not that perfect but who cares as long as me and my brother grew up well. To end our coffee time, I would tell my dad that I love him and then remind him again and again to take care of himself.

Knowing my dad, he will just listen and  smile and let me do all the talking.

Till my next coffee time with my dad.


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