If I am having coffee… – 3/31/2016

♥This idea was taken from The Daily Post blog   ” If I am having coffee “ but I am putting a twist on it, instead of speaking to a random stranger, I will speak to people that I miss a lot  from back home.♥

with the Breakfast Club...


RJ and Ro, we use to speak our mornings eating breakfast. This is one of the things I look forward to when I was still working.

Oh I miss you both of you. So how’s life? How’s work? How’s everything?

So have you decided who to vote this coming election? Oh I have my choice already and I am so excited to vote this year. My vote counts so make sure that you go out and vote.

So how’s work? How’s your health RJ? How’s your officemates?

Ro! I envy you because you’re really doing great in your calligraphy. I wish I have the source and materials to do it too. So hard to look for materials here. I have to order Zig pens from Japan via Amazon and waiting time is around a month.

You know what, Sofia cannot speak Tagalog anymore, when we ask her to speak Tagalog she will say ” It’s so hard and I can’t anymore”. She speaks English well, sometimes we are surprised with the things that she is saying. For sure her grandparents will have a hard time communicating with her.”

Weather is crazy here ( Canada )… in one day you can experience the 4 seasons. It’s suppose to be Spring now but in between there are days wherein it will snow. So I decided not yet to keep our winter coats and boots for now. Is it weird if I say that I miss Manila’s temperature? I cannot recall when was the last time I perspire a lot hahaha.

I miss working! I miss the corporate world so much. I miss motivating and encouraging people. I miss the interaction, I miss analyzing things and yes I miss wearing my corporate clothes and shoes. Crossing fingers that I will be able to find work soon. Sofia already agreed to attend after-school next school year. I want to go back to work, I think sometimes my brain is not working anymore…oh no!

I miss spending my mornings with both of you talking about anything. As the say, breakfast is the most important part of the day and I am glad that there was a time in my life  I get to spend it with both of you. Hopefully soon, we get to do it again.

Tata for now!

 ♥This post is in response to Part Time Monster’s #WeekendCoffeeShare.♥

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