Part 1 : Ottawa, Capital of Canada

Day 1 : March 18

Before March Break is over we decided to go to Ottawa. This is also a perfect opportunity to be with Family since Sam’s Aunt and Uncle is visiting from the Philippines.

First, we book our hotel via Expedia, Sam’s cousin help us to choose the hotel and  we chose Marriott Courtyard Ottawa East, this is located at Coventry Road which is not that accessible to Downtown Ottawa. You need to take the bus which is 36 mins away or drive there which is 10-15 mis away.  If you plan to spend most of your time in Downtown, stay at Marriott Courtyard Downtown Ottawa which is located at Dalhousie Street.

The hotel was nice,checking-in was hassle free, we just showed our confirmation and that’s it. The  room was spacious, bathroom was really nice (was not able to take a picture of it ) and clean.  Kids love it, first thing they did was jump on the bed and laid down the stuff animals they brought with them.


View from our room


Standard Room with 2 Queen Size Bed

We rested for awhile and decided around 5pm to go and grab some dinner and roam around. Wind chill was around -10 and I was worried because Sofia is not feeling that great.

We hopped on OC Transpo bus no. 9 going to Downtown. For a first timer it’s nice to take the public transpo because you get the chance to sight-see and plan where to go the following day. The bus took us to Rideau Centre, which I think is the main mall in Ottawa. We were planning to buy a Day Pass ( a pass that lets you have an unlimited bus ride for a day ) for tomorrow but we were told that we should purchase it tomorrow and we can purchase it on the bus.

We didn’t really stayed too long at the mall since we are all hungry, so we decided to walk around Byward Market.

Byward Market ( )

Established by Lt. Col. John By in 1862, it is one of Canada’s oldest and largest public markets, nestled in Ottawa’s historic neighbourhood of Lowertown. Colonel By himself laid out the street plan of the Market, making George Street and York Street extra wide so that horse drawn carriage bring food everyday can easily pass by.

Today, it is still an outdoor public market with lots of vendors, restaurants and shops all around. It would be really nice to stroll around if the weather permits.


Map of Byword Market

Sofia was not feeling that well that night, she was having a fever thus we decided to eat dinner and headed back to the hotel.


Sofia is not feeling well here 😦

to be continued…




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