Canada’s Baby Panda

From March 8 – 11, Toronto Zoo will be having a Member Only viewing of the Baby Pandas. I am so excited to see them, thus after doing some morning errands off I went to take the bus to the zoo.

Meet the 5 months old panda cubs, Jia Pan Pan ( Canadian Hope ) and Jia Yue Yue ( Canadian Joy ).


Photo grabbed from Toronto Star, Taken by Chris Young / Canadian Press

Here are some pictures that I took inside the indoor enclosure, Mommy Panda ( Er Sau ) is roaming around while her 2 cubs are sleeping soundly.


Daddy Panda ( Da Mao ) is outside… relaxing


Here are some cool information about  Er Sau and her babies:


It was really an amazing experience seeing the panda cubs Jia PanPan and Jia YueYue.

Giant Pandas are now considered endangered species.



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